Monthly Archives: October 2011

Warm soup on a chilly November night

     I am currently curled in bed in dinosaur footsie pajamas reflecting on my life. Today I had a long day at work. Thoughts and worries were buzzing in and out of my head like a superhighway that refuses to slow down. After a brief meeting with a group from school I came home and immediately went to work in the kitchen. I needed soup.
     Sometimes you don’t just want soup … you need soup. Today I needed soup. Yes, it would have been easier to pop open a can and slide underneath the covers but good things are worth waiting for. As I sliced open the onion I felt my day unravel and with every stroke of my knife on the bright orange carrots I felt a slip of release. The aroma of my stock pot soon filled the whole house, enough to drift under my roommate’s door and lull her into the kitchen. 
      We talked about work, school, love, and before we knew it we were both enjoying the beautiful bounty of my ‘bad day’. Afterwards I had a wonderful talk with a friend whom I miss dearly and I found an amazing love letter underneath my roommate’s ukulele strings. There are so many things to be grateful for and yet somehow we manage to forget them when the cold comes in. So here’s to soup in November and one of my favorite winter staples for that chilly fall night. I hope this recipe is there for you when you need it most. 
❤ t
PS: If you want to add a little spice into your life I suggest cumin. I love the way it makes my soup taste and smell. Also , in my opinion, this recipe does not call for enough broth. I wait until about half way through the cooking time and add a half cup of water to the pot. This ensures that all of the spices are taken in by the lentils while making sure nothing burns in the process. 😉