Monthly Archives: May 2012

‘The List’ …

Tomorrow afternoon the man I love will be boarding a plane to South America. What was originally only a month apart has turned into three months as I learned last week that I will be leaving for DC at the end of May (most likely a couple of days before his return). 

     Needless to say, we were (and still are) bummed. We have been blessed with such wonderful opportunities. J’s trip sounds amazing and I am excited for the opportunity to gain career experience in DC. We are so lucky (so fortunate) to have such amazing friends, family, and coworkers that cheer us on every step of the way.

     Even though we live an hour away our bond remains as strong as ever; if not stronger because of the time that we spend together. It’s such an amazing experience to fall in love with one of your best friends. Someone who can make you laugh (and cry) in an instant. When simply curling up in their arms makes you feel like you’re coming home again … 

     That said, the past couple of weeks have been hard. We have both gone through various stages of the grieving process; most of which are denial. I can’t imagine a day without hearing his voice or a weekend not spent in his arms. He won’t have a phone in South America so we will have to rely heavily on Skype, email, and Facebook chat. I borrowed one of his pillows so I could still feel like I was holding him at night and stocked up on ‘girly books’ at half-priced books so I would have something to read until I fell asleep. 

     During times like these, preparation can make all of the difference in the fight against sadness. If J and I want to build a lasting relationship, we both need to do whatever it takes to make ourselves happy and strong. That’s why I have decided to make ‘the list’. The list is the beginnings of a longer list of things that I plan to do this month to make myself happier and stronger while Jayson is away. There are a lot of ‘have-to’s’ but I am making sure there are some ‘want to’s’ in there as well. If there is anything college has taught me it’s to focus on the body, mind, AND spirit. Here goes! ….

1.) Work out (intentionally) three times a week (exercise beats out the blues!)

2.) Eat mostly healthy whole foods (most – if not all – of which will be bought from the local co-op)

3.) Learn to cook! (try new recipes using fresh, local ingredients – things with lots of vitamins that taste delicious!)

4.) Clean your room! (sort through clothes/books etc. – donate whatever you don’t use – organize what you do)

5.) Take out the trash! ( …)

6.) Write your research paper! (weekend camp outs at the library! <3)

7.) Go shopping! (out with the old in with the new – or used!)

8.) Go see a movie! 

9.) Reconnect with old friends.

10.) Throw a mix-tape (cd/usb) party.

11.) Enjoy the sun!

12.) Get lost in good books.

13.) Play more chess!

14.) Cook dinner with a friend.

15.) Practice the ukulele.

16.) Make new friends.

17.) Pray/meditate.

18.) Drive somewhere beautiful.

19.) Email Jayson’s mom/ call my mom(s)/grandmom to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day! ❤

20.) Congratulate Shanell on her big graduation day (May 12th!) – Prepare your room for her arrival. ❤

21.) Pack for DC.

22.) Leave one of your pillows in Jayson’s car so he has something to hold while you are away. ❤ ❤ ❤


I’m sure things will be added/taken off the list as time goes on but I think I’m off to a good start. Here’s to growing stronger together even when we’re apart.