Monthly Archives: May 2015

Thank God for Good Friends

The past year has been hard. Fantastic and wonderful at times but ultimately hard. The challenges I faced won’t be discussed here but trust me when I say my heart shattered a couple of times.

On the flip side, I have a lot to be grateful for. I have a stable job, a nice living environment and wonderful, sensational, glorious, brilliant and utterly fantastic friends.

I have the type of friends whose love knows no bounds. Though hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles separate us, their voices never fail to make me smile and a mere text message is enough to brighten my day.

They are the friends that if something happened, I wouldn’t hesitate to board the next flight – be it to San Francisco or the moon – I would be among the first to arrive. They are the ones I would take a bullet for, the ones I consider family, the ones whose fingerprints are imprinted on my heart.

Their hugs feel like home, their laughter sounds like music, and I miss them more than anything in the world. So thank you to all of my wonderful friends. We may not live in the same city but you are always in my heart.



– Tina